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Taylor Ott

taylor OttTheological and Social Ethics


B.A., Michigan State University, 2013

M.A., St. John’s University, 2015


Taylor Ott is a PhD candidate in Theological and Social Ethics with primary interests in Catholic social thought, feminist ethics, racial justice, and popular culture. Her dissertation, “A Role for Conflict in Catholic Social Thought: Lessons from Intersectional Feminist Ethics,” evaluates the ways in which Catholic social teaching engages or avoids conflict, and argues that a robust understanding and incorporation of conflict into ethical analyses is essential for a theological ethic that sets social transformation as its goal. In particular, she draws insight from the field of intersectional feminist ethics to inform how CST might better engage conflict, so as to be more effective in its understanding of our social fabric and as well as its own application. She is also interested in the emergent dialogue between theology and popular culture as a site of potential dialogue with a broad audience outside of the academy and with students in her classroom.


Taylor is a New York transplant from northern Michigan. In her personal time, she enjoys playing music, rock climbing, and spending time with her spouse and dog.