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Paul Schutz

Paul Schutz

Systematic Theology


BA, Boston College

MA, Fordham University


Paul Schutz is a Doctoral Candidate and Senior Teaching Fellow at Fordham University. His primary research focuses on intersection of theology, ecology, and the natural sciences.

Paul entered the world of theology through work as a professional liturgist and liturgical musician. His current project on the writings of Jesuit astrophysicist William R. Stoeger, S.J., explores how Christian theology might construct a robust ecological theology in dialogue with science and through critically-sensitive readings of Scripture and the Christian tradition, toward the flourishing of creation and all that dwells therein. Building upon Stoeger's approach, Paul hopes to develop new ways of speaking about God, Christ, and creation in the midst of ecological distress.

He also studies how traditional questions of divine causality, the God-world relationship, theosis, and worship intersect and interact with the ecological, evolutionary, and cosmological conceptions of reality provided by the natural sciences. Secondary interests include the study of liturgy, political theology, and the intersection of theology and poststructural philosophy.

Paul also serves as the Assistant Director of Liturgical Music at Fordham, and is an avid photographer and filmmaker.

Contact Paul at [email protected]