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Figures, Tables, and Images

  1. Accepted formats for figures, tables, and images are TIFF, JPEG, or PDF.Authors who need to use other formats should contact the design editor Please note that high-resolution images will be needed for publication.
  2. Authors should indicate figure placement in the manuscript by adding a placement statement, e.g., [Figure 1 here]. Alternatively, small or scaled low-resolution images may be placed within the body of the text to indicate roughly where the images ought to be placed. Please note that the editors of the journal reserve the right to manipulate image positioning to suit the page layouts. Please also note that the length of the submission includes the space occupied by images.
  3. High resolution versions of all images to be included in a the submission should be compiled into a separate document (either MS Word or PDF), scaled to full size or the dimensions of one page, and tagged appropriately (figure 1, figure 2, etc.). Should an article be accepted for inclusion in the journal, the author may be asked to submit individual files for all images to be printed.
  4. Authors are responsible for securing the appropriate rights to use images. Images, diagrams, or figures taken from the internet cannot be used unless the authors have attained proper written permission.

Figure Legends

Legends for figures should be listed on a separate page of the manuscript after the end notes. They should be listed one after the other in the manuscript file, separate from the file containing the figures themselves (see above).
Text, including keys to symbols, should be provided in the legend rather than on the figures themselves. Please do not write a legend below each figure.

File Names

Files should be names beginning with the submitting author’s last name in capital letters followed by an underscore, then content label:

  • LASTNAME_paper.doc
  • LASTNAME_fig1.jpg
  • LASTNAME_img1.psd Submitting Files

All inquiries and questions should be directed to the co-editors-in-chief (