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At the Gabelli School of Business, our focus is on student success. That’s why our Master of Science in Professional Accounting program allows students to go beyond the lessons of basic accounting by offering specialized technical workshops and industry seminars. You’ll become part of a community of supportive advisors, award-winning faculty, and an extensive network of alumni who take the time to mentor and guide our students toward successful professional paths. Gabelli School graduates stand out in the accounting profession as leaders and individuals of high moral standing who reflect our Jesuit values and the lessons incorporated within our program.   

Advanced accounting curricula

The MS in Professional Accounting program includes rigorous courses that develop expertise in cutting-edge issues that affect the accounting profession. Students can choose concentrations in specialized areas like Audit Information Technologies or Advisory. Additionally, students can elect to follow our 2 STEM-certified tracks, which may allow students holding an F-1 visa to receive OPT following their completion of the program. 

STEM Program

Award-winning faculty

Gabelli School faculty have a combination of academic rigor and professional consulting experience, which allows them to expose our students to real-world accounting industry situations. Through classroom connections, students not only learn and apply accounting knowledge into practice, they also build their own connections and pursue opportunities to be mentored by professionals in the field.

Strong professional network

Through seminars, workshops, and networking events, students have the opportunity to further develop their own professional networks. Students interact with leading accounting professionals and learn about developments and trends in various aspects of the profession. Through Career Development guidance and advising, students receive one-on-one personal guidance on resume and interview preparation, as well as job search strategies.

FindMBA 2017

Study at your own pace

The Master of Science in Professional Accounting was designed for those with or without accounting backgrounds, as well as working professionals. Our students may choose to pursue courses on either a full-time or part-time basis—allowing them to enroll in as little as one day of classes per week.

CPA eligibility

The MS in Professional Accounting may supplement an undergraduate degree in public accounting to meet the 150-credit-hour educational requirement for the New York State CPA exam. Please visit to ensure your undergraduate program complies.

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