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Fordham University Pathways to Health Study

Fordham University Pathways to Health Study

Study PIs 
Celia B. Fisher (
Tiffany Yip (

Contact Information
Lori Merone (

The Pathways to Health Study was conducted in April 2020 to understand the biosocial, psychological, and social impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on young adults (age 18 – 25; N = 600) from diverse racial/ethnic groups, socioeconomic and employment status and geographic regions of the U.S. The anonymous survey conducted through Qualtrics examined participants’ self-reported sleep patterns, somatic symptoms, feelings of anxiety and depression, substance use, social isolation, racial/ethnic discrimination, Coronavirus stigmatization and Coronavirus racial bias. The study was conducted by Celia B. Fisher and Tiffany Yip and funded by the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, Director, Celia B. Fisher.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Racial Bias Scale (CRBS)
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victimization Distress Scale (CVDS)