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Recent Ethics Scholarships

Across diverse disciplines, Fordham is the home of vibrant faculty and student scholarship and activities that enliven and renew university, community, and national dialogue on the dignity of the human person and the advancement of the common good. This page highlights recent contributions the Fordham community has made to finding new means of furthering the moral responsibility of persons and the moral integrity of the University's overlapping communities of inquiry, instruction, and faith.

* indicates Fordham University faculty member affiliated with the Center for Ethics Education

Jason Morris*, Associate Professor of Biology, recently published an article "Substance Ontology Cannot Determine the Moral Status of Embryos" in the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, based on work he presented at a CEE Faculty Ethics Seminar.

Nicholas Tampio*, Assistant Professor of Political Science, has a newly published book, Kantian Courage: Advancing the Enlightment in Contemporary Political Theory (Oxford University Press). In addition, his article "Constructing the Space of Testimony: Tariq Ramadan's Copernican Revolution," appeared in the July 2011 edition of Political Theory.

Maureen O'Connell*, Associate Professor of Theology, has published a new book entitled If These Walls Could Talk: Community Muralism and the Beauty of Justice. In addition, she recently published an article in Commonweal entitled "Catholics and Racism: from examination of conscious to examination of culture", which stemmed in part from the March forum, Cura Personalis: Faculty Voices Against Hate Speech on Campus.

Miguel Alzola*, Assistant Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies in the Graduate School of Business Administration, has published the following articles:

In addition, Dr. Alzola led a recent Ethics Faculty Seminar on the topic of "Character Matters: Virtue Ethics in Business Ethics and across the Disciplines."

Be sure to stay abreast of the ethical insights of Michael Baur*, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor of Law, and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics Education, which he makes available on his eponymous blog.

Michael Peppard, Assistant Professor of Theology, has published the following articles in Commonweal Magazine to much acclaim:

In August 2009, John J. Davenport* published a reply to Stephen Schlesinger's article "Why a League of Democracies Will Not Work" in the Carnegie Council's journal, Ethics & International Affairs.

From Christopher W. Gowans*, Professor of Philosophy, comes the following recent publications.

Shapoor Vali, Assistant Professor of Economics, has published an issue of ElectricWire, Fordham's student publication dedicated to energy economy. This issue includes an article on the Center for Ethics Education's recent conference on the intersection of environmental and business ethics.

Allan Hazlett*, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, recently published "How to Defend Response Moralism" (2009) in the British Journal of Aesthetics (49[3], 241–255).

From Charles C. Camosy*, Assistant Professor of Theology, comes recent work related to biomedical ethics and health care.

  • A debate with philosopher Peter Singer at Princeton University.
  • A book entitled Too Expensive to Treat? Finitude, Tragedy, and the Neonatal ICU
  • An article on Peter Singer and abortion that appeared in the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.
  • An op-ed piece about the health care reform debate in the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • An interview with Fox News about the implications of the Vatican document Dignitatis Personae for biomedical research.
  • An article on stem cell research that appeared in the Journal of the Catholic Health Association.
  • A commentary on health care reform and politics in the National Catholic Reporter.
  • Contributor to