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2017 Prize Winners

2017 Winners

First Prize Winner

Madeleine Cardona
"She Can't Help the Choices She Makes"
Fordham College Rose Hill, '18

Second Prize Winner

Amy Endres
What Does Silence Say?
Fordham College Rose Hill, '17

Third Prize Winner

Maia Lauria
Hospice and Palliative Care
Fordham College Rose Hill, '17

Honorable Mentions

Keith Rose
Ethics of Intent Applied to Adderall: My Philosophical Basis for Not Taking Study Drugs
Fordham College Rose Hill, '19

Miriam Ambrosino
Ethical Issues in Dietary Intervention Research
Fordham College Lincoln Center, '17

Brianna Blunck
Whose Rights are Right? The Debate Over Animal Rights in Research
Fordham College Rose Hill, '17