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Classes and Exams

2.5 Midterm Exams and Assistance to At-Risk Students

The period for midterm exams is listed in the University’s academic calendar. At this time in October and March, all instructors are expected to advise their students of their academic progress. Examinations given at this time should be administered within the scheduled class meeting.

Since the dean’s office closely monitors student performance, please respond expeditiously to requests for information on any student experiencing academic difficulty. If reached soon enough, our students can be warned about their unsatisfactory performance while there is still time for them to attempt to rectify their deficiencies. Many may be helped to succeed through tutoring and academic advising. Others may be encouraged to withdraw from the course before the deadline.

2.5.1 Fordham College at Rose Hill and the Gabelli School of Business

  • Faculty are required to submit mid-semester evaluations see (section 1.2).
  • Similar forms will also be distributed by the HEOP office and the Academic Advising Office for Student-Athletes.

2.5.2 Fordham College at Lincoln Center

  • Each FCLC student is assigned a personal academic adviser (please see section 6 for more information about advising). Should problems arise, the adviser is often in the best position to help.
  • Faculty members are also required to submit mid-semester grades see (section 1.2).

2.5.3 Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies

  • Faculty members are required to submit mid-semester evaluations see (section 1.2).