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Faculty Advising

6.1 A Commitment to Advising

Fordham University is committed to providing sound and comprehensive advising for its students. Undergraduates need guidance on issues such as course requirements and expectations, the curriculum, registration, administrative procedures, choosing a major, planning a career, adjusting to college life, and dealing with the various stresses that affect their work. There are a number of offices on campus which assist students in these areas. At FCRH, FCLC, and GSB, dedicated academic advisers or assistant deans oversee academic advising for each of the class years. In PCS, although most students are adults studying on a part-time basis, consultation with an advising dean is required prior to registration in each of the first two semesters of study and at any time, as needed, thereafter. If good academic standing is not maintained, PCS students must meet with an advising dean during their probationary period.

Please also see Section 8 for resources that support student success.