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University Health Services Advisory | Coronavirus Precautions Important updates and contact information

Campus Mailings

While we do not tend to the campus mail, we will address memos, postcards, and magazines that departments would like to send to the Fordham community. We will fold and insert items into envelopes, address, label, and sort depending on your needs.We can also address and sort previously-printed materials. Please let us know in advance if you will be shipping any materials to us for distribution.

The staffs of the campus post offices will actually deliver your mailings to their appropriate offices. At peak times such as Thanksgiving and Commencement, there can be delays. Please plan ahead.

All campus addresses come from payroll records. All changes must be made through Human Resources.

Please note that the campus mailing service is only available through the Duplicating Center at Rose Hill. Members of the community at Lincoln Center or Westchester who would like to send a campus wide memo, please contact Seth Knight (x4918) and he can get you started. See information on Off-Campus Metered Mailings.

Current Tally of University Personnel

This number is updated by the office of Human Resources every 2 weeks. Use this tally to gauge the number of pieces you will need to provide us if you are sending material for University-wide distribution.

Total Employees 2,361
Total Rose Hill 1,407
Total Lincoln Center 913
Total Westchester 33
Total Calder Center 8
Total Faculty 809
Total Administrators 1,037
Total Clerical 268
Total Maintenance 247
Total Jesuits 33
Part-time Administrators 18
Part-time Clerical 15
Part-time Maintenance 62
Rose Hill  
Faculty 461
Administrators 601
Clerical 148
Maintenance 197
Jesuits 23
Lincoln Center  
Faculty 340
Administrators 409
Clerical 114
Maintenance 50
Jesuits 9
Faculty 4
Administrators 23
Clerical 6
Maintenance 0
Jesuits 1
Calder Center  
Faculty 4
Administrators 4
Clerical 0
Maintenance 0
Jesuits 0