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Article III – Membership

Section I: Qualifications for Membership
All full time undergraduate students of Fordham University who are in good academic standing according to university standards are eligible to tryout for the Fordham University Club Tennis team and compete with the Fordham University Club Tennis Team, if chosen. Any student on academic probation is not permitted to try out or compete with Fordham Club Tennis. Attendance is taken at all meetings and practices via Google sheets to give record of consistently active players. Active players are defined as those having attended at least 75% of meetings, practices, and tournaments per semester. Only active players are eligible to apply for Executive Board leadership positions.

Section II: Equal Opportunity Team
The Fordham University Club Tennis Team affirms that it will not restrict membership based on national origin, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, and mental or physical handicap. Club Tennis complies with the University’s Hazing Policy and will not impose or participate in any form of hazing.

Section III: Tryouts
Club Tennis reserves the right to host team tryouts at the beginning of every academic year; that is, during the first month of the fall semester of each academic year. Those trying out for the team will be chosen by the team’s Executive Board. The tryout process is holistic. Club tennis considers all of the following attributes when choosing its players each season (academic year):

  • Overall interest and participation in the club
  • Attendance record from the previous season (does not apply to incoming freshman)
  • Sportsmanship and character that embodies Fordham’s Jesuit values
  • Skill-level and technique

Section IV: Community Service
All team tennis players are required to participate in a group community service project each semester. Group community service projects will give back to the Bronx community to which the Fordham University Club Tennis team belongs. Group community service projects will be determined and decided upon at the second meeting of the academic year. Group community service projects may be coordinated through the Center for Community Engaged Learning at Fordham. Group community service projects must not exceed a total of 40 hours per semester and must be no less than 10 hours per semester.

Section V: Disciplinary Action
All tennis players are subject to a three strike policy. If a player is found in violation of any policy in the Fordham University Student Handbook, or any of the stipulations of this constitution, his or her offense will be documented in red on the member spreadsheet on Google sheets under the “notes” section. After three offenses, the offending player will be permanently removed from the team and will not be allowed to return, or with Club Tennis in any fashion, for the remainder of their enrollment at Fordham University. If the player is found in violation of any municipal or federal law, that player will be removed immediately and their violation will be reported to the appropriate municipal, state, or federal authority.