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Leadership: Executive Board Officers

Article IV – Leadership: Executive Board Officers

Section I

Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Website Manager/Publicist, Equipment Manager, and 2 USTA Liaisons.
  2. All officers are responsible for collectively planning the enactment of any and all events and projects Club Tennis undertakes.

Section II


  1. Directs and calls all Club Tennis meetings to order.
  2. Is the point of contact between Club Tennis, other organizations, supporting Fordham University Faculty Advisor and Fordham University.
  3. Decides, along with the executive board, the agenda and purpose for each meeting.
  4. Ensures that planning and execution of club trips and/or outings are planned and accomplished properly by the Executive Board.
  5. Delegates’ duties not specifically enumerated by the constitution, but within the scope of Club Tennis, to members of the club.   
  6. Responsible for coordinating and facilitating all Club Tennis tournaments, practices, and scrimmages as well as overseeing all Officers’ duties.

Vice President:

  1. Assumes the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence.
  2. Assists the President in coordination and facilitation of all practices and scrimmages.
  3. Updates, coordinates, and maintains the ladder for USTA match play via Google sheets.
  4. Responsible for communicating with and keeping members engaged during meetings.


  1. Communicates with members regarding updates, practice schedules, meetings, and events via email.
  2. Takes attendance at every meeting.
  3. Takes meeting notes.
  4. Maintains all Club Tennis forms and documentation including but not limited to liability waivers, match requests, and formal impeachment requests.


  1. Maintains a ledger of all funds and transactions associated with Club Tennis.
  2. Directs fundraising efforts.
  3. Manages any bills acquired by Club Tennis.
  4. Coordinates with the University Club Sports Moderator to attain funding and coordinating for planning and execution of club events, matches, and scrimmages.
  5. Submits Budget and Operations packets each semester.

Website Manager/Publicist:

  1. Maintains Club Tennis website and social media pages including Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
  2. Creates all promotional materials such as flyers, banners, posters, and digital media.
  3. Is responsible for advertising Club Tennis around campus and on social media pages with promotional materials.

Equipment Manager

  1. Is responsible for all Tennis Team equipment including team tennis balls and the distribution of team uniforms.
  2. Retrieves tennis balls from the tennis clubhouse at the beginning of every practice.
  3. Locks up all tennis balls in the tennis clubhouse at the end of every practice.
  4. Is responsible to replacing tennis balls once dead by working with the treasurer to buy new balls.

2 USTA Liaisons

  1. Responsible for all communication with USTA college league representative.
  2. Responsible for communicating all USTA information and updates with the team and the Executive Board.
  3. Manages all USTA league match logistics.