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Article VI – Impeachments

Section I: Criteria for Removal

An officer can be removed from his or her position if he or she is found to be violating the Club Tennis constitution or the Fordham University Student Handbook. An officer can be removed from his or her position if he or she is found to be ineffective in carrying out his or her responsibilities as stated in The Fordham University Club Tennis Constitution. In the event of this happening, the club President will preside over the impeachment meeting and procedure. If the President is being impeached, the Equipment Manager will preside over the impeachment.

Section II: Initial Impeachment Proposal

The process of removing an officer may begin if and only if he/she who is impeaching an officer meets with the Club President and Fordham’s Director of Club Sports to discuss the issue first. If he/she seeks to impeach the Club President, he/she will meet with the Equipment Manager and the Director of Club Sports. He/she seeking to impeach an officer must draw up a formal letter detailing their grievance with the officer and their reason for impeaching said office. Once he/she has met with the club President and or Equipment Manager to present his/her letter and discuss the matter, the Club Sports Director will determine whether or not the impeachment is viable and whether or not the impeachment process will ensue.

Section III: Impeachment Process

If the impeachment process ensues, the Club President will notify the officer being impeached. The officer will be given the opportunity to defend him or herself at a club meeting called exactly one week after notification of impeachment. At the meeting, the officer being impeached will have 5 minutes to defend him/herself. After the officer’s 5-minute defense, all team members will cast an anonymous vote. This vote will determine the outcome of the impeachment. The non-impeached Executive Board members will tabulate all votes.