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Louisa Foroughi

Louisa Foroughiemail:

Advisor: Maryanne Kowaleski

Research Interests:
Social and cultural history of late medieval England, reading practices and literacy, vernacular religion, yeomen


Forthcoming: “‘If yt be a nacion’: Vernacular Scripture and English Nationhood in Columbia University Library, Plimpton MS 259.” In Europe After Wyclif. Ed. J. Patrick Hornbeck II and Michael van Dussen. New York: Fordham University Press, 2016.

 “‘To Live Piously and To Help the Needy Poor’: The Consortium of S. Alessandro in Colonna, in Bergamo.” Confraternitas 24:2 (Fall 2013), 3-32 (with Christopher Carlsmith).


Forthcoming: “‘Parishioners worthier by estate and degree’: Looking for Laypeople in York’s Archbishops’ Registers.” International Medieval Congress, Leeds University, July 2016; an earlier version presented at York’s Archbishops’ Registers Revealed, Borthwick Institute, July 2015.

“‘They reputyth Englysch pepyll for none nac[iou]n:’ Scriptural Translation and Nationhood in Columbia University Library Plimpton MS 259.” Europe After Wyclif Conference, Fordham University. June 2014.


“Richard Rolle’s Incendium Amoris.Hanna Holborn Gray Academic Conference, Bryn Mawr College. September 2011.