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Esther Liberman Cuenca

Esther Liberman Cuenca


Advisor: Maryanne Kowaleski

Dissertation Title: The Making of Borough Customary Law in Medieval Britain

MA, History, California State University -- Long Beach
BA, Theological Studies; BA Classical Civilizations, Loyola Marymount University

Research Interests
My wide range of interests include gender theory, medieval law, urban history, popular culture (especially cinematic medievalism!), and digital pedagogy. 

Research Papers

Courses Taught
At Fordham University:

  • HIST 1000 - Understanding Historical Change: Modern Europe
  • HIST 1300 - Understanding Historical Change: Medieval Europe
  • HIST 3208 - The Medieval "Other"
  • HIST 3220 - Medieval Hollywood
  • HIST 3301 - Women in the Middle Ages

At Marymount California University:

  • HIS 275 - History of Women in the United States
  • HIS 100 - Western Tradition I
  • HIS 101 - Western Tradition II