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Committee on Student Experience

Maximum of two consecutive three-year. 11 faculty members (5 A&S, 2 BUS 1 GSRRE, 1 LAW, 1 GED,1 GSSS).

Miguel Alzola 646-312-8243 BUS 2020-23
Orit Avishai 718-817-3859 Fordham College at Rose Hill 2020-23
Sameena Azhar 212-636-6639 GSSS 2020-23
Daniel Contreras * 718-817-4033 Fordham College at Rose Hill 2021-23
Christopher Conway ** 718-817-1605 Fordham College at Rose Hill 2021-22
Elizabeth Cooper 212-636-6934 LAW 2019-22
Jude Jones 718-817-3304 Fordham College at Rose Hill 2021-24
Luke Kachersky 646-312-8246 BUS 2020-23
Shannon McAlister 718-817-4800 GSRRE 2020-23
Elizabeth Stone 212-636-6271 Fordham College at Lincoln Center 2021-24
Lori Wolff 212-636-6467 GED 2020-

*  Daniel Contreras replacing Ronald Mendez-Clark spring 2021-2023
**Christopher Conway replacing Aseel Sawalha spring 2021-2022

Non-Voting Members
Office of the Provost’s Representative - Jonathan Crystal, Vice-Provost
Chief Diversity Officer – Raphael Zapata, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer
Division of Student Affairs – Michele Burris, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Office of Mission Integration and Planning – Julie Gafney, Executive Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning - Rose Hill

Replace current 4-06.08(e) with the following:

Committee on Student Experience. The Committee on Student Experience shall enhance the culture of the campus and ensure
the education of the whole person so central, for meaningful collaboration between representatives of the Faculty and the Division of Student Affairs,
the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Mission Integration and Planning on issues related to the student experience. The committee shall consist
of eleven faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, with five members representing Arts and Sciences, two members from the Gabelli School of Business,
and one each from the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, the Law School, the Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate School of
Social Service. Members from Arts and Sciences and the Gabelli School of Business shall be selected in such a way as to ensure that the concerns of both
undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the concerns of students at all campuses, are represented. In addition, the Division of Student Affairs,
the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Mission Integration and Planning will each designate one representative to serve as a non-voting member of the committee. 
The committee will also extend an invitation to the Chief Diversity Officer to designate a representative to participate in the committee's work. The committee members 
will serve terms of three years. Voting members may serve in up to two consecutive terms and must take a minimum one-term break before serving again. Members of
any area of the university may be invited to attend meetings as non-voting members as discussion demands