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Student Government

The student government for undergraduate students at the Rose Hill campus is comprised of three governing bodies; United Student Government, Commuting Students Association, and the Residence Halls Association.

United Student Government

The United Student Government (USG) is a body of student officials elected each year by the undergraduates of Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) and the Gabelli School of Business (GSB). USG serves many functions:

  • Charged with the articulation of student needs and sentiments
  • USG is the official voice of the student body
  • Registering club constitutions
  • Allocating the Student Activities Fund

Commuting Students Association

The Commuting Students Association (CSA) is one of the three governments on campus, dedicated to representing the commuting student body of Fordham University.

The organization is comprised of student representatives of Fordham College and the Gabelli School of Business on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. We strive to provide a single voice for commuting students, develop and implement policies, services and programs, and represent commuting students’ particular needs and concerns.

Residence Halls Association

The Residence Halls Association (RHA) is a vital part of student life at Fordham. The general board is made up of sixty-eight members from all of the thirteen residence halls. Every spring the General Board elects seven members to serve on the executive board. The seventy-five member government is responsible for the following:

  • Act as a programming organization
  • Improving student life through policy initiatives
  • Make Fordham a more serviceable and livable community
  • Act as a liaison between the students at Rose Hill and the staff and administration at Fordham.