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Spring 2022 Lecture Series

A Roundtable Discussion with the Editors of postmedieval
Sara Ritchey (Associate Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Shazia Jagot (Lecturer in Medieval and Global Literature, University of York), Julie Orlemanski (Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago)
Wednesday February 16, 12:30pm (Zoom, RSVP here)
The Point of the Soul: Facts and Values from Ulysses' Quest to Dante's Examination on Love
Alison Cornish (NYU)
Monday March 7th, 5pm 
Butler Commons (Rose Hill)
Economic Consolidation and the Decline of Puigcerdà in the 14th Century
Elizabeth Comuzzi (Fordham)
Thursday April 28th, 5pm
Butler Commons (Rose Hill)