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New York State Assembly Internship


Male intern leaning on lamp post - SM

The New York State Assembly Intern Committee sponsors the Graduate Internship at the State Capital starting every January. 
The Graduate Internship provides full-time research or policy analysis positions with Assembly leaders, committees and research staffs.

An $15,000 stipend is awarded for the January 3, 2017 to June 23, 2017 Internship.

The Assembly Graduate Internship provides research and policy development experiences for up to ten qualified graduate students. Approximately one third of the participants in the Internship have moved into other positions in state government.

Please visit the New York State Assembly Internships website for more information.

Interested? Fill out the application and send supporting documents to:

The New York State Assembly
Intern Committee, Room 104A,
Legislative Office Building 
Albany, NY 12248