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Fuhua Zhai


Fuhua Zhai, Faculty Profile

Phone: 212-636-3966
Office: Lincoln Center 719C



PhD, Columbia University

Master of Philosophy, Columbia University

Master of Social Work, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

BA, China Youth University for Political Sciences

Research Interests

Early childhood education and developmental outcomes

Impacts of early interventions and school environment

Child maltreatment and child welfare

Cultural values, child rearing practices, and child wellbeing

Cross-national studies on child and family policies

Experimental and statistical research methods

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Gao, Q., and Zhai, F. (in press). Public assistance, economic prospect, and happiness in urban China. Social Indicators Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11205-015-1174-4

Zhai, F., Raver, C. C., and Jones, S. (2015). Social and emotional learning services and child outcomes in third grade: Evidence from a cohort of Head Start participants. Children and Youth Services Review, 56, 42-51.

Gao, Q., Wu, S., and Zhai, F. (2015). Welfare participation and time use in China. Social Indicators Research, 124, 863-887.

Zhai, F., Brooks-Gunn, J., and Waldfogel, J. (2014). Head Start’s impact is contingent on alternative type of care in comparison group. Developmental Psychology, 50, 2572-2586.

Gao, Q., Zhai, F., Yang, S., and Li, S. (2014). Does welfare enable family expenditures on human capital? Evidence from China. World Development, 64, 219-231.

Lee, R., Brooks-Gunn, J., Han, W., Waldfogel, J., and Zhai, F. (2014). Is participation in Head Start associated with less maternal spanking for boys and girls? Children and Youth Services Review, 46, 55-63.

Lee, R., Zhai, F., Brooks-Gunn, J., Han, W., and Waldfogel, J. (2014). Head Start participation and school readiness: Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort. Developmental Psychology, 50, 202-215.

Zhai, F., Waldfogel, J., and Brooks-Gunn, J. (2013). Estimating the effects of Head Start on parenting and child maltreatment. Children and Youth Services Review, 35, 1119-1129.

Zhai, F., Waldfogel, J., and Brooks-Gunn, J. (2013). Head Start, pre-kindergarten, and academic school readiness: A comparison among regions in the United States. Journal of Social Service Research, 39, 345-364.

Lee, R., Zhai, F., Han, W., Brooks-Gunn, J., and Waldfogel, J. (2013). Head Start and children’s nutrition, weight, and health care receipt. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 28, 723-733.

Zhai, F., Raver, C. C., and Jones, S. (2012). Academic performance of subsequent schools and impacts of early interventions: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Head Start settings. Children and Youth Services Review, 34, 946-954.

Gao, Q., and Zhai, F. (2012). Anti-poverty family policies in China: A critical evaluation. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 6, 122-135.

Research Grants

2014-2016, Fordham University First Year Faculty Research Grant: “Cultural Values, Parenting Practices, and Child Development among Rural-to-Urban Migrant Families in China” (PI)

2015-2019, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institute of Health (R01): “Type, timing, & turbulence of poverty-related risk: Long-term evidence from CSRP” (Co-Investigator with PI Cybele Raver at New York University)

2014-2016, Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund Faculty Grant: “Cultural Values, Childrearing Practices, and Child Maltreatment among Asian Immigrant Families in Hawaii” (Co-PI with PI Jing Guo at University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Courses Taught

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Social Work Practice in Research I and II

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs

Advanced Methods in Policy Analysis

Statistics and SPSS Labs I and II