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Freshman Year

Fordham Futures is designed to meet students where they are, starting with their very first semester, and lead them on a journey of career exploration. With a focus on the journey, rather than just on the destination of a job, freshmen can start their adventure right away. 

We challenge students to think about how their core curriculum courses help them foster a lifelong curiosity that helps them choose a career path and adapt to its twists and turns over the years.

How will you start your journey to your Fordham Future? Some common steps for freshmen include:

  • Schedule your first appointment with Career Services. Utilize self-assessments to learn about personality, strengths, and values. How will you continue exploring and building career skills through your core curriculum courses? 
  • Explore student clubs and organizations all with an eye toward learning more about what you're most interested in.  
  • Attend the Level 1 workshop: World of Work and Resume/Cover Letter Writing.
  • Focus on your academics and maintain a strong GPA every step of the way.

Value of the Core Curriculum

Learn about intellectual exploration and discovery through the broad foundation of liberal arts knowledge.

Core Tradition

Discover new ways to develop your skills and ways of thinking that will allow you to translate knowledge and experience into action.