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Senior Year

Twenty years ago, the job market in New York City was centered on finance, insurance, and real estate. While those sectors continue to thrive, changes in technology and the way we approach knowledge-based work, has led to an incredible upswing in careers in the intellectual, cultural, education, and entertainment fields—and a fundamental change to how we do work.

How will you be able to adapt when the job market changes again? By using the same skills you use to apply the wisdom gained in your philosophy and theology classes to the social justice issues you tackle while volunteering. 

Career Services will help you build on the foundation of your liberal arts education, giving you the flexibility required to excel in today’s economy, as you prepare for graduation and beyond.

Changing the World of Work

Learn how Fordham is educating the next generation of leaders (you!) to effectively utilize technology, creative thinking, and liberal arts skills within a dynamic economy.

Fordham Forever

Fordham students demonstrate competence and resourcefulness within the world of work by building on a foundation of Fordham tenets and values … soon this will be you!