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Internship Guidelines for Employers

Internship Compensation Guidance for Employers

Thank you for considering Fordham students for your internship opportunities! We have provided some helpful links below to help guide you in considering options for internship compensation based on Fordham’s policies and New York State labor laws.

The link below provides a detailed explanation of Fordham University’s Policy as it relates to internships. 

Fordham University Internships, 2020-2021

Paid Internships

New York State Wage and Hour Law 

This link will take you to the New York State Department of Labor webpage on Wage and Hour Law.

Wage Requirements for Interns in For-Profit Businesses

This PDF from the New York State Department of Labor will help you determine if the ‘Minimum Wage Act and Orders’ applies to your internship.

Unpaid Internships

Fordham University is proudly able to offer academic credit to students who qualify if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Students must have completed at least 60 academic credit hours (typically, this criteria will be met after a student has completed their sophomore year of college, however special circumstances may apply so please have the student confirm)

  2. Internships must not exceed 20 hours per week (no minimum exists but most internships are at least 4-10 hours per week)

If you are unable to pay interns an hourly wage or stipend, we suggest including in the job description that "students must be able to receive credit." This will help source qualified and eligible candidates before going through the interview process.

Internship credit is granted to students by their academic department or dean, depending on which college the student belongs to. Departments and colleges have different qualifications that must be met for credit to be approved. Therefore, please ensure any student who you are considering for a for-credit internship has met with their academic advisor or dean to confirm that your internship will be approved for credit prior to finalizing any employment agreement. 

If the student is approved to receive credit for an internship, they will be enrolled in an internship tutorial, which can be provided either by their individual department or through the Office of Career Services. To learn more about the tutorial provided by the Office of Career Services, please visit the link below.

Internship Credit through the Office of Career Services

It is important to note that asking a student to receive credit for an internship is an additional cost to the student to pay for those credits, which can range from approximately $1,000 - $3,000, depending on how many credits the student will be earning. Additionally, studies have shown that unpaid internships increase the gender and racial wealth gap, and students who accept unpaid internships are more likely to be still seeking employment after graduation than their peers who took a paid internship. Below are a few additional resources if you are interested in learning more. 

Reducing Internship Inequity

Pay Our Interns