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Outside Soccer Rules

Players and Substitutions

  1. Teams will consist of seven players (6 field players and a goalkeeper). A minimum of at least five players are required to start play.
  2. Substitutions are only allowed in the following situations:
    1. When a ball goes out on the end lines or sidelines (goal kicks, corner kicks, or throw-ins)
    2. When a player is injured and needs to come out of the game
    3. When a goal is scored

Start of Game and Game Time

  1. Choice of sides and the kickoff will be decided by a coin toss. The team winning the toss will have the choice of side or kickoff. The second half will begin with kickoff by the team that did not have it in the first half.
  2. At the referee’s whistle, the game will be started by a player taking a place kick from the center of the field into the opponent’s half of the field. Prior to the kick, each player shall be on his or her respective sides of the field. A goal may not be scored directly from kickoff. The player who kicked off may not play the ball again until another player has touched the ball. An indirect kick is awarded if this occurs.
  3. Two 18-minute halves will be played with a 2-minute halftime period.
  4. Game time is running time with the clock being stopped only on injuries, when a goal is scored, when a penalty kick is awarded, and when a player is carded.
  5. One 30-second timeout is allowed for each time during each half.
  6. Ties will not be broken in regular season play. In playoffs, ties will be broken by a 5-minute sudden death overtime period (first goal scored wins). If the score remains tied, the winner will be determined by PKs.


  1. There will be no offsides.
  2. The goalkeeper can distribute the ball by throwing or placekicking only to half point of field. 3. A goalkeeper cannot handle a ball played back to him/her by his/her teammate. An indirect kick is awarded if a goalkeeper plays the ball with his/her hands on a pass back from his/her teammate. An air ball headed can be caught by the goalkeeper.
  3. Direct and indirect kicks will be awarded in accordance with referee judgements.
  4. If a player is ejected from the game, he must leave the field house and may not stay in the building. If a player refuses to leave, his/her team will forfeit the game.