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Softball Rules

1. Length of games: 6 innings. No inning can start after the game has been played for 50-minutes.

2. Umpires have final say in all judgment calls. Judgment calls may not be protested. It is the umpire's discretion to discuss a call. He/She may ask anyone to leave the playing area for arguing a call.

3. All players start with a one and one count! Four balls constitute a walk and three-strikes are an out. Any foul ball or foul tip on the third strike is a strike 3 as well.

4. No metal spikes, jewelry, or cleats are allowed in Intramural Competitions.

5. All leagues are slow pitch leagues. The arc of the pitch must be within six to twelve feet. Any pitch out of those parameters may be called illegal by the umpire and automatically a ball. A batter may swing at a pitch that is called illegal but he/she surrenders their right to that pitch being an automatic ball.

6. No stealing or bunting. The base runner cannot leave the base until the ball has been hit. Any runner leaving early may be called out by the umpire.

7. Mercy rule: 12 runs after 4 innings, and/or 20 runs in any point of the game!

8. All other rules comply with NCAA Softball regulations.

9. Reminder: No eating or drinking on Murphy Field! Breaking this rule will terminate the program.

10. Don't forget to bring your own gloves. Only bats, softballs, and universal helmets are provided!