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Volleyball Rules

Co-Rec Volleyball Rules

Player Eligibility

1. All participants are to be current students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, or Lombardi Center members. Ids must be presented when asked for.

2. Players can only participate on one team.

3. No current Fordham Volleyball players are eligible to play. No Ex-Fordham or other collegiate varsity players are eligible to play if they have been on a varsity roster within the past two years.

Number of Players and Substitutions

1. A team may consist of a minimum of three players and a maximum of six players.

2. Teams may be a combination of male and female players. Two female players must be on the court at all times.

3. Substitutions can be made for any spot on the floor during a dead ball.

Start of Game and Game Time

1. Game time is the starting time. There is a 15-minute grace period for late games.

2. There will be rally scoring. A point can be scored on every serve by either team.

3. Matches will be decided by who wins two out of three games. The first two games  will be played to 21, or whoever is winning after 15 minutes time has elapsed. The third game, if necessary, will be played to 15.  You must win by two points.

Rules of the Game

1. A ball that strikes the line is in. If the referee has trouble with the judgment of the call, he/she will ask for help from the closest player to the play.

2. Serves do not have to be overhand serves.

3. Serves do not have to be received by a bump.

4. Carries will be called at the official's discretion whenever a player's palm contacts the ball.

5. Any rules not listed here will be found in the NCAA Volleyball Handbook. Don't forget the $20 refundable registration fee.