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Enterprise Architecture

A great organization is built on great business systems.

The Enterprise Architecture track prepares students to design and build those systems — and to implement them, manage them and leverage them to propel a company forward.

Students who complete this program will understand how to create new business processes. Coursework will equip them to handle enterprise-wide integration, enable information sharing, devise novel services and create innovative business models. This track also includes course options about information technology applications within a specific industry, such as health care.

Students in the Enterprise Architecture track complete six courses that are common to all information systems majors:

  1. INSY 3432 – Database Systems
  2. INSY 3433 – Business Applications Development
  3. INSY 3441 – Systems Analysis
  4. INSY 3442 – Web Applications Design and Development
  5. INSY 4507 – Project Management
  6. INSY 4800 – Global IT Strategy and Management (capstone course)

They also take four advanced information systems electives. It’s recommended that three of these four are advanced courses in the Enterprise Architecture track, but faculty advisors can help students make individualized decisions. Suggested electives for this track include:

  • INSY 3421 – Accounting Information Systems
  • INSY 4410 – IT-Driven Global Supply Chains
  • INSY 4449 – Enterprise Systems
  • INSY 4460 – Special Topic: Data Warehousing
  • INSY 4433 – Advanced Programming

While most students choose all four electives in the information systems area, up to two electives can be taken in the computer science department or other business areas with the approval of the faculty advisor.