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Tuition Benefit Programs

Five important things to know for the Spring 2021 semester:

  1. Applications for tuition remission for Spring 2021, for yourself or your eligible dependents, must be completed by February 21, 2021, which is also the deadline for add/drop. 
  2. The application for tuition remission is online and can be found on the portal,, under the Human Resources tab. Paper forms are no longer accepted. 
  3. Tuition Remission for graduate level courses for your dependent is always considered taxable.
    Tuition Remission for graduate level courses for yourself  is considered taxable unless a tax waiver is granted.
    • Any applicable taxes must be paid in the semester in which you, or your dependents, are taking the classes.
    • If you or your dependent drop classes after the add/drop date of February 21, 2021, the tuition is not refunded and you are still responsible for the applicable taxes.
  4. If the tuition remission for graduate level courses is for yourself, the IRS allows a $5,250 tuition remission tax exclusion per year.
    • You may submit a request to have the taxes for your graduate level tuition remission waived if you believe the courses you are taking are directly related to your current position. The waiver requests are subject to review and approval of the Graduate Tuition Tax Waiver Review Committee.
    • Tax waiver requests, along with the required documentation, must be submitted to at the same time you are applying for tuition remission. This application is also on the portal,
    • The signature of your Vice President is required for a tax waiver request to be considered by the Graduate Tuition Tax Waiver Review Committee.
  5. Tuition remission does not cover fees and having unpaid fees will prevent you from registering for classes. 

Have more questions?

Please contact the Office of Human Resources Management at (718) 817-4930 or

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