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Category Builder

Only Homepage 'shells' are added in the Category Builder.

You must first create a Homepage shell in the Category Builder before you are able to create a Homepage (secure your real estate before you can build your building).

Category Builder

Homepages are assigned to their own shell which lives in the Category Builder.
Document pages are assigned to their parent page/shell.

The title of your Homepage shell in the Category Builder is what will appear in the left hand navigation.

Every Homepage requires two things in order to be live on the website:

  1. Assigned to its own 'shell' in the Category Builder
  2. Activation

To create a category, you must use the Category Builder

  • Go to Utilities > Category Builder
  • Drill through the categories to the placement of where you want your Homepage to be.
  • Click on "New Sub-Category" on the right-hand side.
  • Give your Homepage a name (what will appear in the left hand navigation).
  • Do not change "History" or "Scope".
  • Click "Save".
  • Click on "Publish Navigation Version XX.XX" at the bottom of the page.
  • You will get a message "Are you sure you wish to overwrite this taxonomy, doing so will overwrite the current navigation.' Please select 'YES', as you want the system to pick up the new shells you just added.

The navigation will take a minute or two to update. As best practice, please do not click in another browser window, simply stay on that screen so the navigation can fully publish. The Category Builder will collapse to its normal view once the publish is complete.

Once the navigation publishes, you are now ready to create your Homepage and assign it to its shell that lives in the Category Builder.