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Insert Slideshows

Slideshows must be hosted outside of Jadu to be embedded on your website. Slideshows can be hosted on Flickr, Picasa, or your own personal choice (see Campus Ministry).

Slideshows - FlickrIt
  1. Go to and create an account or sign in.
  2. Select "Responsive" for the Slideshow Layout
    • Set the percentage to 75
  3. For Slideshow Selection, select the corresponding slideshow for what you are using, and choose the preferred photo selection method
  4. Under "More Options" adjust the following
    • Speed = 0
    • Slide Count = # of images you want shown from album (these will be the first X)
    • Transparent Background is checked if images in the album are not the same size
  5. Generate and copy the embed code
  6. Open page in Jadu you want your video to be on, and click where you want the video to be
  7. In the bottom right of the formatting toolbar (above where you edit content), click on the Code Snippet icon (paper with plus sign)
  8. Paste the embed code
  9. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.
  10. If Document Page, click on “Submit” in the upper right. If Homepage, select “Yes” in the “Submit for Approval” drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.
  11. If you are a Publisher, click the green Approve button. If you are a Web Manager, your updates must be approved by your Publisher.


Slideshow Example