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Insert Newsfeeds

The Custom Spotlight supplement is used to create a newsfeed via RSS feed. Blog feeds are commonly featured on the Fordham website (Sociology and Anthropology and Faith and Service). It is a two-part process to create a newsfeed.

Learn how to Add a Supplement to an existing Homepage or Document Page.

Retrieve the RSS Link

  1. To retrieve the RSS link from your blog: Go to the main page of the blog. Add “/?feed=rss” at the end of the URL. For example:
  2. Confirm that you have the correct URL for the RSS feed by checking if the page is filled with code. If the URL alters slightly as you test the link, use the new URL. It should look similar to the second bullet point above or, for this example:
  3. Copy the URL

Create the Custom Spotlight Supplement

Custom Spotlight
  1. Open the existing homepage or document page.
  2. Add the Custom Spotlight supplement to the page via the Supplement tab in the upper left.
  3. Enter an appropriate title for the feed. The name will appear above the feed. Please be sure to follow the naming scheme.
  4. Paste the link into the Feed URL* section.
  5. Save Supplement.


Newsfeed Example