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Completed Programs

Big Data Analytics

This two-day workshop introduced participants to big data analytics: its definition, as well as examples, platforms, and tools. The workshop also demonstrated big data analytics and explored the surrounding issues of governance, ownership, privacy, and security.

Gaining a Global Business Perspective: Galway, Ireland

This executive-level global immersion intensive, held in spring 2014, gave Fordham alumni and EMBA/MBA students an opportunity to travel to Galway for a week-long program in global business from an Irish perspective, including important cultural and historical context. Sessions were taught by both university faculty and industry practitioners.

Corporate Compliance Institute

In partnership with Fordham Law School, this five-day workshop prepared participants for jobs in the fast-growing area of corporate compliance. A sampling from the wide range of subjects that were covered: developing an effective compliance program; financial crimes such as bribery, corruption, sanctions, and foreign asset control; emerging issues in securities and regulatory compliance; and internal investigations and crisis management.

Value Investing

This two-day program offered by the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis introduced the framework of value investing, an investment paradigm used by some of history’s most successful investors. Topics included the history of value investing, search criteria, valuation methodology, behavioral finance, advanced strategies, and case studies in value investing.