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Big Data Analytics for Executives

Two-Day Program

Today’s companies and organizations generate and store massive amounts of data. How can you use that data to make informed business decisions?

Participants in this hands-on two-day executive education program will find out.

Data for Performance

Big data analytics can transform organizational performance.

Fordham faculty, director RP Raghupathi from the Center for Digital Transformation, will introduce the core concepts of big data analytics and related technologies. Participants will become familiar with distributed, cloud-based approaches to handling big data sets—superior techniques to traditional relational models.

The faculty will use hands-on exercises in big data analytics on several platforms—including AWS, Cloudera and IBM BigInsights—and offer concrete, applicable information about:

  • The Hadoop platform, including the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce (M/R) framework
  • Big data analytics life cycle, technologies, development and management
  • Privacy and security
  • Governance


  • Executives and managers who want to get up to speed quickly on big data essentials
  • Professionals who want to sharpen their technical and managerial skills in big data analytics


This two-day program is designed for today’s business executive. Convenience and applicability are paramount. Each session includes an introduction, case study, hands-on exercises and group discussion. The course also includes several speakers from industry and academia who can provide insight into key topics.

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Phone: 212-636-7301