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Executive MBA for Athletes and Artists

Looking to be part of a team while honing your business skills?

The Executive MBA for Athletes and Artists is a Fordham University MBA program designed for former athletes and artists. Structured in an executive-style cohort format, the program helps professionals prepare for leadership roles within a business or nonprofit setting.

Program Overview

Students will complete a concentration in management systems with the following themes:

  • Management development
  • Strategy (creating, developing, and sustaining value)
  • Global focus

Tailored for high-performing individuals who work well in team environments, the cohort format allows for optimal learning and a strong bonding experience along with the establishment of a future network.

Ideal Candidates

  • Active and retired professional athletes from the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and other professional sports leagues
  • Artists and other creative professionals
  • Professionals seeking to obtain their Fordham EMBA in a convenient format

Convenient Schedule

The program will begin in February (after the Super Bowl) and will meet in a conveniently scheduled modular format at Fordham University.

Program Costs

The Executive MBA for Athletes and Artists tuition is $120,696 for the Lincoln Center-based cohort that will begin in February 2019. The tuition includes all academic materials, breakfast and lunch throughout the program, and tutorial support when needed.

Global Alumni Network

  • Access to 40,000+ high-ranking business alumni worldwide
  • Uncommonly loyal alumni network
  • Regular networking opportunities


For additional information on the Executive MBA for Athletes and Artists, please contact:

Francis Petit, Ed.D.
140 West 62nd Street, Room 222
New York, NY 10023