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Career Transition and Leadership Development Program (CTLD)

No matter what level of success they reach, many athletes and artists experience a “moment of truth” when they decide that their best path forward is to make a professional transition.

The Gabelli School of Business now offers the Career Transition and Leadership Development Program to provide these individuals with the necessary skills and strategies to help them make this move.

Specifically, the CTLD Program introduces participants to important business concepts and career-planning strategies not only to help them transition successfully to a new career, but also to power their performance now and in the future.

At the conclusion of the CTLD Program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be equipped to pursue new careers in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as their own entrepreneurial ideas.

Successful athletes and artists have already made great achievements through their dedication, hard work and laser-like focus. Coupling these outstanding characteristics with the CTLD Program will create even more opportunities for an exciting new career.

March 30 - April 4, 2020

Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business
140 West 62nd St.
New York, New York 10023


Francis Petit, Ed.D.
212 636 7401

Jack Brewer, MS