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Executive MBA Program of Study

Executive MBA (EMBA) students proceed through all of these courses together during their 22 months in the program. Experience-based, team-oriented projects are featured throughout.

Core courses

  • Business Policy
  • Contemporary Issues in U.S. and International Business Law
  • Financial Accounting/Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Environment
  • Information Systems in the Transnational Firm
  • Managerial Accounting Managerial Global Economics
  • Managing the Transnational Firm
  • Marketing Management and Strategy
  • Quantitative Methods and Decision Analysis
  • Transnational Management and Systems Operations

Concentration courses in management systems

  • Managing Innovation and Change 
  • Personal Leadership Development 
  • Transnational Application 
  • Research for Final Project 
  • Two electives

Courses outside concentration

  • Contemporary Ethical Issues in Business 
  • Global Finance 
  • International Communication Negotiations 
  • International Field Study 
  • International Trade and Development