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Irish Language Scholarship
The Institute of Irish Studies, Fordham University, in conjunction with the Irish government (the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs), offers scholarships to two Fordham students for the study the Irish language in Ireland at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Students have the unique opportunity to study the Irish language/culture at one of the University's Irish Language Centres for credit.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship
The US-Ireland Alliance offers scholarships for one year of post-graduate study in any university in the Republic or Northern Ireland. The award covers fees at the University, housing, and provides a living stipend and travel stipend. Mitchell Scholars have numerous opportunities to meet prominent politicians from Ireland and learn more about the culture. For more information on the Mitchell Scholarship contact the Prestigious Fellowships Office.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program
The United States Government established the Fulbright Scholarship in 1946 immediately after World War II to create goodwill between nations by fostering educational and cultural exchange. Students wishing to pursue post-graduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland can apply for a Fulbright to these locations.There are three types of fellowship available: a comprehensive fellowship, teaching fellowship, and business fellowship. Fellowships are for one year and the amount depends on the type of fellowship awarded.

The IACI/NUI- Visiting Fellowship
The IACI/NUI- Visiting Fellowship in Irish Studies is made possible by joint funding from the Irish American Cultural Institute and the National University ofIreland. The Fellowship is granted to an Irish studies scholar, typically a resident of the United States, and provides a semester (4 months or more) at the National University of Ireland-Galway. The Fellowship includes a stipend of $13,000, transatlantic transportation, office accommodations, and visiting faculty status. Applications for the IACI / NUI-G Fellowship are accepted at anytime. Applications should be sent to the Irish American Cultural Institute. The deadline is December 31st of the year preceding the desired Fellowship year.

For more information, please visit IACI/NUI or fill out the application.