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H-1B Process

*New non-immigrant hires should have already completed the New Non-immigrant Hire Questionnaire, to determine if H-1B status is appropriate

The Process

  1. OIS receives a copy of the signed contract
  2. New hire completes theH-1B Checklist and submits required documents
  3. OIS reviews forms/documents and prepares the filing
  4. OIS notifies employee when the petition is adjudicated


Please inform The Office for International Services as soon as possible if you will need assistance obtaining work authorization or if you will need to change your status.

After the submission of all of the required documents, the preparation of an H-1B filing can take between 2 and 3 weeks to complete.

The University bears the cost of filings for the principal beneficiary only (the employee). Any required fees for spouses and dependents are the responsibility of the employee.

A decision from USCIS using normal H1B petition processing can take up to several months.

Premium processing of petitions is done at the discretion of The Office of the Provost and The Office for International Services.