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Faculty Research Abroad Program

Call for Proposal and Participation

Fordham University Faculty Research Abroad Program, 2018

Organized by
Fordham University Office of Research and Sophia University

Sponsored by
Fordham University Office of International Initiatives
Fordham University Research Council

We are pleased to announce the Fordham University Faculty Research Abroad Program (FRAP) designed to facilitate the development of research collaborations between Fordham University and overseas scholars. Fordham will work with Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan to implement this inaugural program scheduled for May 21 to May 28, 2018.

The major goals of the proposed inaugural program are to:

  1. Organize an international research forum on comparative urban sustainability at Sophia University;
  2. Conduct research field trips investigating urban sustainability issues in Japan; and
  3. Develop joint grant proposals to submit to both American and Japanese foundations.

The FRAP will select a maximum of 10 Fordham faculty members to participate in the program. The application guidelines are noted below.

I. Eligibility and Application Procedures

  1. 1. Applicants must be tenured or tenure-track faculty at Fordham.
  2. Interested applicants must submit:
    • an application form;
    • a one-page research forum presentation abstract (up to 250 words) with 4 to 5 keywords to be used to search for funding opportunities; and
    • a two-page resume.
  3. The one-page presentation abstract should focus on one of the following subjects. Demonstrate expertise in the area of and/or propose a collaborative project on:
    • Theory, Methodology and Data Analysis in Urban Studies
    • Rights of Minority Groups
    • Urban Studies
    • Sustainable Cities
    • New York City and Tokyo
    • Urban Environmental Protection
    • Public Policy
    • Community Development
    • Gender Issues
    • Urban Refugee
    • Urban Poverty
    • Urban Disadvantaged Groups
    • Segregation
    • Immigration and Migration
    • Poverty of Capability and Social Rights
    • Employment and Justice
    • Democratization
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Urban Churches
    • Urban Schools
    • Urban Health Care
  4. Both the Fordham University Office of Research and Sophia University will assist participating Fordham faculty to identify research partners at Sophia and identify proper funding opportunities prior to the trip. Communication between the partners will occur before the trip. Research proposals should contemplate not a one-time collaboration but a continuing and long-term project. Please visit the following websites about Sophia faculty’s research profile.
  5. All participating faculty are expected to develop joint research projects, such as grant proposals, research papers and/or research presentations within six months after the trip.
  6. The Office of Research will work with the University Research Council to organize a review committee to evaluate and select applications based on the criteria of 1) feasibility, 2) deliverability, and 3) sustainability.

All faculty applicants must submit their 1) application form; 2) research forum presentation abstract, and 3) resume to Mr. David Heston via email at before December 1, 2017.

II. Financial Responsibilities

  1. Sophia University will be responsible for the cost of research field trips, conference room and facilities, and local transportation for all Fordham participants during their stay in Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Fordham’s Office of Research will support up to 10 Fordham faculty covering the cost of international airfare, lodging and group meals in Tokyo.
  3. Each Fordham faculty participant will be responsible for paying international airfare costs in excess of $1,000, local transportation costs to and from the US-based airport, individual meals while in transit to and from the United States and in Tokyo, and costs associated with obtaining a passport, international health insurance, immunizations, and other incidental expenses.
  4. All Fordham participants are required to register their travel through the University's Travel Registry prior to departure.

III. Program Management and Facilitation

  1. FRAP will be managed and facilitated by the Office of Research at Fordham.
  2. The Office of Research will organize pre-trip and post-trip workshops to improve understanding of the FRAP and promote global research collaborations.

IV. Tentative Timetable for the Proposed Program

  • May 21: Leave NYC for Tokyo
  • May 22: Arrive in Tokyo
  • May 23-24: Research Field Trip in Tokyo
  • May 25-26: International Research Forum
  • May 27: Research Collaboration
  • May 28: Leave Tokyo for NYC and Arrive in NYC