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Fordham Strategic Research Consortia

Call for Proposals

Fordham Strategic Research Consortia (SRC)

Sponsored by
Fordham University Office of Research
Fordham University Research Council

I. Purposes

The Fordham Strategic Research Consortia (SRC) initiative is designed to identify and support strategic research areas, research infrastructure, and faculty excellence, as directed by CUSP, Part II.A.1: “Identify and invest in selected areas of current and future strength in research and scholarship.”

The SRC also aims to promote interdisciplinary, inter-departmental/program, inter-school, inter-university, and international research projects and collaboration. The SRC initiative will provide support to increase the competiveness of Fordham research for internal and external resources.

II. Operational Principles

1. The SRCs are faculty driven research organizations with broad and interdisciplinary research identities.
2. Consortia organizers are encouraged to identify ways to cross-pollinate and coordinate with existing consortia, such as Bronx Science, Digital Scholarship, Social Innovation, Urban, and Social Justice, when appropriate. Proposals forging and synergizing dynamic new research areas and current research centers are also welcomed.
3. SRCs should promote faculty research expertise, engage students in research, develop large institutional grants, attract donations from alumni and foundations, and enhance Fordham’s visibility and reputation.
4. Each SRC will directly report to Chief Research Officer (CRO).

III. Proposal Requirements

1. The SRC proposal must follow the University Mission Statement and Strategic Plan to propose the SRC’s mission statement, vision, its three-year strategic goals, and a detailed plan for monitoring and assessing progress toward advancing the SRC’s articulated goals and to ensure desired impact and outcomes.
2. The proposal should also include the initiatives, programs, infrastructure, existing faculty expertise, leadership team, financial resources, and a budget plan for the start-up fund.
3. The SRC proposal should be less than 15 pages, including resume(s)/cvs for the proposal contributor(s).
4. The proposal must be submitted by a tenured faculty member.

IV. Review Process

1. The University Research Council will organize a faculty review committee to evaluate proposals and recommend SRCs for funding, based on the review criteria highlighted by the proposal requirements noted above in III.
2. The Chief Research Officer will also invite relevant deans to contribute their feedback as well as provide his/her own evaluation.
3. The CRO will forward the Review Committee’s and Deans’ recommendations to the Provost, who will make final award decisions.
4. Assuming sufficient applications, two SRCs will be selected before the summer of 2019.
5. The Office of Research will provide a one-time grant, to be distributed over up to three years to selected SRCs, in a grant amount of up to $30,000.

All interested faculty members should submit their proposals no later than March 15, 2019 to Ms. Tihana Abiala at