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Fordham International Conference Travel Grant

The Fordham International Conference Travel Grant will cover travel from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. The application deadline is October 15, 2019. 


The purpose of the International Conference Travel Grant is to assist Fordham tenured or tenure-track faculty members in achieving scholarly recognition by underwriting some or all of their international travel costs, not covered by departmental or school travel budgets. Priority will be given to the following three research areas in 2020: global studies, urban studies, and diversity studies, highlighted by CUSP.


Applicants are required to submit a one-page presentation abstract and a one-page purpose statement along with the application form, describing intended impacts of their participation in this conference for themselves, their department and the greater Fordham community.


Grant applications will be reviewed by the University Research Council and approved by the Chief Research Officer. 

Disbursement of awarded funds

Funds will be transferred from the Office of Research to the applicant’s department or school as appropriate. To receive awarded grant payments, awardees are requested to contact their department or school administrator.

Amount of the Award

Recipients of Fordham International Conference Travel Grant will receive up to $2,000 toward the cost of their approved travel expenses, including but not restricted to transportation expenses. The total endowment available is quite modest. Therefore, the program should be regarded as a potential source of support supplementing established governmental or private sources of travel funds. In cases where partial funding is available from alternative sources, the recipient of a grant may combine the awards to cover allowable cost of the trip.


Recipients of Fordham International Conference Travel Grants will be required to submit a brief report covering presentation abstract and discussant comments within 30 days of returning from travel. Reports must be submitted to

Although current conference information and formal invitations are preferred at the time of applying, the Office of Research is fully aware that due to time constraints the requested information may not be available. In this case, it is acceptable to use the previous year’s call for papers to accompany the application. As soon as updated information and formal invitations are available, they must be forwarded to the Office of Research.

Important Reminders

  • These funds are to assist tenured or tenure-track faculty members in scholarly attainment by providing funding for a portion of the travel costs to those who will present a paper at recognized international conferences.
  • Examples of non-eligible travel: Travel to international conferences without an active academic role, i.e. attendance, chair or discussant only; travel to meetings convened to discuss research programs; overseas university guest lectureships; teaching a course at an international university; and travel to a faculty fellowship destination.

Applications will be accepted online no later than October 15, 2019. The goal is to announce recipients by December 1, 2019.