Current and Past Visiting Fellows

Current Visiting Fellows

Spring 2017: Catherine M. A. McCauliff


Catherine M. A. McCauliff is a Professor of Law at Seton Hall University and will spend the Spring 2017 semester as a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Medieval Studies. Dr. McCauliff has published widely on several aspects of medieval law, including marriage, adoption, substantive property, and contractual law. During her stay at Fordham, Dr. McCauliff will prepare an edition of the Bedford Eyre, 3-4 Edward III (1330-1331) for publication with the Seldon Society. Dr. McCauliff has received several academic honors, including serving as a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Politics at Princeton University.


Spring 2017: Lydia Yaitsky Kertz


Lydia Yaitsky Kertz is a researcher whose work focuses on forms of visual narrative in medieval literature and material culture. During the Spring 2017 semester, Dr. Kertz will undertake a book project entitled The Social Politics of Luxury: Commodification and Experience of Medieval Romance. This work asserts that as a feature of both its internal worlds and physical media, luxury provides a bridge between visual and textual registers of romance narrative. Dr. Kertz received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in September 2016.


Spring 2017: Melanie Hanan


Melanie Hanan will be a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Medieval Studies for the Spring 2017 semester. Dr. Hanan currently teaches Art History at Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University. Dr. Hanan’s work focuses primarily on Romanesque metalwork, especially reliquaries in relation to medieval liturgy. During her time at Fordham, she will be working on her monograph entitled House of God on the Altar. In particular, she will explore the topic of casket reliquaries, demonstrating how these containers evolved to become important liturgical props during specific types of worship. Dr. Hanan received her PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU in May, 2013.


Past Visiting Fellows

2016 (Fall) Susan Kramer
Project: “Exercising Divine Justice: Heresy and the Death Penalty in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries"

2016 (Fall) Laurel Ann Wilson PhD in History, Fordham University

2016 (Fall) Stephanie Grace Petinos ​​​​​​PhD in French, Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Project: “The Ecology of Relics”

2016 (Spring) Sara Moens Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Foundation - Flanders (Belgium)
Project: "Female devotion, male commitment? The rise of Cistercian women and the provision of the cura monialium in the Southern Low Countries, 1150-1275"

2015 (Fall) Alice Ramos Professor in the Philosophy Department of St. John's University (Queens, New York).
Project: The relationship between the thought of Thomas Aquinas with the twentieth-century German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer.

2015 (Fall) Uri Zvi Shachar Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Ben-Gurion University (Israel).
Project: Study of the nature of interreligious encounters in the late medieval Near East from the vantage point of the polemical literature that the various communities produced.

2015 (Fall) Tracey-Anne Cooper Associate Professor, History Department, St. John's University

2015 (Mar.-May) Helen Birkett Lecturer, University of Exeter
Project: Experience, Interpretation, Record: The Transmission of Vision Stories by the Cistercians of Britain and Ireland c.1200

2014-15 (Sept.- May) Isabelle Levy PhD Comparative Literature, Harvard University
Project: Translating Love Poetry across the Middle Mediterranean

2014-15 (Sept.-May) Chelsea Shields-Más Instructor, Suffolk County Community College
Project: The Reeve in Late Anglo-Saxon England

2014 (Sept.-Dec.) Nicola Bergamo, a PhD student in Historie et Civilization at EHESS of Paris
Project: Games in Byzantium from the VI to XII Century

2014 (Jun.-Aug.) Elena Putti Asst. Prof., Catholic University of Milan USCS
Project: Applying Digital Technologies to Giulio Camillo's Theatro della Sapientia


2013 (Jun.-Aug.) Monica Green
Professor, History, Arizona State University
Project: How European Medicine Was Born in the Long Twelfth Century

2013 (Jan.-Mar.) Biörn Tjällén
Researcher, Dept. of History, Stockholm University
Project: Preaching virtue: Moral Philosophy and the Politics of Late Medieval Pastoral Care

2010-14 (Aug.-Aug.) Jeanne-Marie Musto
Visiting Assistant Professor, Art History, University of the South East
Project: Byzantine Architecture and Cultural Topography in Nineteenth-Century East Central Europe

2012 (Mar.-May) Sarah Rees Jones
Senior Lecturer in History, University of York
roject: Utopia, A Gift from the Middle Ages to the Future

2012 (Mar.-Apr.) Katharine Bilous
PhD Candidate, English, University of York
Project: Two Anglo-Norman Lives of Thomas Becket

2011 (Jul.-Sept.) Nicola McDonald
Senior Lecturer, University of York
Project: Fictions of Audacity: Popular Romance and the Medieval English Imagination

2011 (Jun.-Aug.) Michael Staunton
Lecturer, History, University College, Dublin
Project: The Historians of Angevin England

2010-11 (Nov.-Jan.) Darko Karacic
PhD Candidate, Medieval Studies, Central European University
Project: The Franciscan Impact on Medieval Dalmatian and Bosnian Urban Centers

2010(May-Jun.) Fernando Villaseñor Sebastian
Postdoctoral Fellow, Spain
Project: Cultural Exchange in Europe during the Late Middle Ages through Marginal Iconography