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Student Learning Goals

Common Goals to the Masters Programs in Pastoral Studies and Christian Spirituality, Doctor of Ministry, and Spiritual Direction Certificate

  1. Students will demonstrate facility with methods of research in specific theological disciplines for post graduate and doctoral studies.
  2. Students will communicate competently the Christian story to make it accessible through a variety of means (e.g. teaching, writing, dialogue, personal consultation).
  3. Students will articulate the relationship between the Christian tradition and their professional practice and spiritual development.
  4. Students will articulate a well rounded knowledge and critical appropriation of Jesuit Spirituality and the Catholic Intellectual tradition.
  5. Students will use tools of literary, cultural, historical, and social analysis in the interpretation of various cultures and their relationship to the Christian tradition.

Specific Goals for Masters in Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Direction Studies, and Doctorate of Ministry Programs 

6. Students will demonstrate a well-rounded and critical appropriation of effective ministerial skill in ecclesial, congregational, and institutional settings with theological understanding and practical skills consistent with his/her specialization.

Specific Goals for the Masters in Religious Education and Ph.D. in Religious Education Programs

7. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of core theories, approaches, and other domain knowledge within the academic field of religious education.

8. Students will demonstrate an ability to relate effectively the core theories, approaches, and other domain knowledge within the academic field of religious education to their own ministerial and life contexts.