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Coaching Cafe

What is Coaching Cafe?

Fordham IT’s Coaching Cafe is a personal and professional development opportunity that is open to all members of Fordham IT regardless of position or function. It organizes participants into small groups to explore work-related challenges of mutual concern and to share individual experiences in how those challenges have been successfully met. A single challenge serves as the unifying theme for each Coaching Cafe event.

The sole requirement for participation is a commitment to share your ideas and experience coping with the challenge selected as the Cafe’s theme, or simply to listen and reflect on the experiences and ideas of the other group members. The goal is to highlight the diversity of perspectives and assumptions that participants bring to their work in a way that can generate new and creative approaches to effectively meet such shared challenges in the future.

The group discussions will be structured through the use of a Coaching Ourselves module, which is designed to provide each participant with an opportunity to learn and reflect on a wide variety of management issues in a way that promotes individual learning and development, and insight into his or her work within Fordham IT. These modules are the same as those used in the Fordham IT Laureate Program.

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