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Fordham Art Law Society

Law School Fordham Art Law Society

Fordham Art Law Society (FALS) was founded in 2012 by a group of first year law students with a passion for art law. Since its founding, FALS has hosted organizations, such as the Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation (LCCHP) and the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), as well as a diverse range of specialists, authors, and enthusiasts.

Capitalizing on our privileged location in New York City’s cultural hub, Lincoln Center, FALS strives to promote an understanding of the intersection between the arts and the law, both at Fordham and in the larger legal community. FALS seeks to accomplish this goal by providing a forum for the contemplation and discussion of potential improvements to the art community’s understanding of the law, and the legal community’s understanding of the art industry, serving as an outlet for members to execute these ideas. FALS uses the term “Art Law” in its broadest sense, incorporating legal issues that persist in the creative, visual, and performing arts. This term also encompasses cultural heritage law.

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Our 2020-21 Board Members Are:

President: Lawrence Keating '22 (

Vice President: Jessica Lu '21 ( and Sara Mazurek '21 (

Treasurer: Erica Chan '22

Secretary: Haley Johnson Griffin '22

Alumni Relations Chair: Nathan Johnson '22

Events Coordinators: Danielle Stadler '22

Publications Director: Eleni Venetos '22