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Committee on Diversity in Business Law


Lex Aequa Omnem Civem Amplectitur (A just law encompasses every citizen.)

Mission Statement

To generate interest amongst traditionally underrepresented students in taking upper level business law courses and to foster greater diversity in the practice of business law.


Minority law students at Fordham Law are underrepresented in the upper level business law curriculum.  Students surveyed attributed the under representation to a lack of familiarity with the basic issues confronted in these courses and a lack of exposure to the corporate law profession.

The Committee on Diversity in Business Law (“CDBL”) will address this problem with special programs aimed at promoting business law among traditionally underrepresented students.


The CDBL will seek to generate interest among students of diverse backgrounds in taking upper level business law courses and to foster greater diversity in the practice of business law.  There are several initiatives and programs, broadly grouped around the themes of faculty contact and alumni outreach.  Over time, the Committee will also seek to build partnership programs outside of the law school as well, with potential linkages with the business school and bar organizations.


Form Visits/Shadowing Program

This program will introduce (1L and 2L) students to business law. Each student will be invited to attend a short program organized by a law firm/company with diversity colleagues.  CDBL would eventually like to expand this opportunity to include a full day with an attorney and the opportunity to observe the skill set needed to thrive in the attorney's practice area. This exposure to business law should generate an interest in corporate and business law and encourage students to take upper level business law classes.

Mentoring Program

This program will pair students interested in pursuing a career in business law with experienced alumni in the field of corporate and business law.

Internship Program

This program will allow students to work at financial institutions over the course of a semester. By working at financial institutions, students will observe the roles attorneys play outside a corporate law firm setting. Through this experience, students will develop a better understanding of business law and bolster their resumes.

Alumni Advisory Board is in formation with recent CDBL graduates.

Contact Us

If you are interested in being a member, mentor or mentee or would like to contribute to any of our other initiatives please contact us at: