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Fordham Blockchain Law Society

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The Fordham Blockchain Society (FBLS) was founded in the Fall of 2019, but, admittedly, has had a rocky start amidst the onset of the pandemic. We want to turn that around this year to make sure that the FBLS will become a great resource for students who want to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We believe that blockchain technology is here to stay, and we, as future lawyers, will encounter legal issues around this topic during our careers.

The Fordham Blockchain Law Society strives to promote an understanding of the intersection between blockchain technology and the law, both at Fordham and in the larger legal and business communities. FBLS seeks to accomplish this goal by providing a forum for the contemplation and discussion of potential improvements to the blockchain community’s understanding of the law, the legal community’s understanding of the blockchain industry, and the business community’s expertise in navigating this emerging technology; serving as an outlet for members to execute these ideas.

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