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Latin American Law Students Association

LALSA is an organization dedicated to serving Fordham Law students, alumni, and the community at large by fostering and maintaining a community for Latino legal professionals.

Within the law school community, LALSA devotes a substantial amount of its efforts to helping first-year students adjust to the rigors of law school. LALSA coordinates academic panels, professional development workshops, a 1L Mentorship Program, and various other events to assist students and increase community bonding.

LALSA is actively involved with various legal societies, Latino/a bar associations and other law school chapters, including the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Puerto Rican Bar Association, and the National Latino/a Law Students Association. LALSA retains strong ties with the alumni and remains committed to the local community by participating in various community service events. Each year, LALSA’s efforts culminate in an Annual Alumni Awards & Dinner honoring outstanding Fordham LALSA alumni and students. Ultimately, LALSA strives to bring together the greater Latino legal community and promote Latino culture.

2020-2021 LALSA Executive Board

Kim Ayudant (L '21)

Vice Presidents
Luisa Marin (L' 21) & Nina Riegelsberger (L '21)

Alumni Relations Chairs
Hannah Goodman (L '21) & Vanessa Toro-Plaza (L '22)

Ziva Rubinstein (L '22) & Marisa Gomez (L '21)

Devin Perez (L '22)

Social Activities Chairs
Melissa Brij-Raj (L '22)

Community Service Chair
Dissara Alves (L '22)

Fundraising Chair
Zane Mitchell (L '22)

Conference & Events Chair
Dayana Ledezma (L '22)

1L Representatives

Josselin Aldana - Section 2
Fernando Luis Ramos - Section 2
Eleesya Cordes - Section 2
Elviris Rodriguez - Section 3
Francisca Johanek - Section 4
Ashley Qamar - Section 6
Izzie Rivera - Section 7
Gabriella Silva - Section 8
Johanna Ortega - Section 9