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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

National Lawyers Guild

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Fordham Chapter, is a progressive and radical assembly of impassioned law students that promote human rights to affect positive social, cultural, economic, and political changes. The NLG unites lawyers, law students, legal workers, jailhouse lawyers, and the local community as a social force in the service of people. NLG members use creative and radical lawyering skills, which are guided by the experience and ideas of marginalized and affected people, to advocate for just outcomes. Law students who become NLG members will find a safe space to discuss how intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status influence our legal systems. Each law student brings their own perspective and passion to the assembly, which informs the chapter’s agenda for the year.

The National Lawyers Guild, Fordham Chapter, is part of:
National Lawyers Guild (National):
National Lawyers Guild (New York):

Law students interested in joining and contributing, please contact: