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LPP Mission and Goals


Fordham University’s Liberty Partnerships Program, is committed to the discovery of Wisdom and the transmission of Learning, through research and through education of the highest quality, providing all students with the knowledge, skills, and qualities required to be successful in an ever-changing, diverse, technological and multicultural global society.


  1. To support LPP students in completing middle school and prepare them for successful transition to high school
    • Students will decrease their number of days absent from school
    • Students will decrease the number of referrals for disciplinary action
    • Students will develop a positive attitude towards school
    • 100% of students will achieve standard or higher in ELA
    • 100% of students will achieve standard or higher in Math
    • Students will use creative arts to express themselves
  2. To involve parents in supporting their children’s education and personal development 
    • Parents will attend school related meetings
    • Parents will be aware of school resources to help their child succeed
    • Parents will encourage their children to attend school and engage positively in the learning experience
  3. To enhance the development of leadership skills in the students 
    • Students will learn positive leadership skills
    • Students will engage in leadership activities both within the school and their community
  4. To provide professional development opportunities for middle school staff 
    • Teachers will learn effective ways of using technology in the classroom